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Youth Band Instruments - Tenor Horns
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Goal: $2920.00 | Raised: $95.00 Started: December 5, 2018
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It's official. The Youth Band will be starting rehearsals in January. For now, they'll be using an American band setup with french horns and trumpets, but we are going to start a campaign to raise money to buy true brass band instruments that are not available through the schools.

Phase 1 will be tenor horns. Tenor horns (or alto horns) are not used in American concert bands, but are the primary middle voice of a brass band. We've selected John Packer models because they make great starter horns for the students at a very low price. We'd like to raise funds for four of these. We've been quoted a price of $730 each for the JP272 model. For a description of this horn, please visit https://www.jpmusicalinstruments.com/prod/john-packer-jp272-eb-tenor-horn

We need a minimum of three horns for a standard setup, but we'd like a fourth to allow more students to play.

Please consider sponsoring a horn in part or in full. This provides the students a great opportunity to experience the brass band in it's true form. If you sponsor a horn in full, we will gladly list you in the program as a seat sponsor for the life of the instrument.

Future Phases:

Phase 2 - (2) Baritone Horns

Phase 3 - (1) Soprano Cornet, (1) Flugelhorn

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